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“Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it.”  -Roald Dahl

Astrology is an extremely broad subject.  Simply speaking, it is the study of planetary cycles and their relationship to the energy of Earth.  There is so much to it that I could not possibly claim to be any kind of expert in it.  I have included this section because I use astrology but in my own way.  Most of us are familiar with our sun sign, aka our zodiac sign; this is the sign we use to look at our horoscope.  You may also know about your astrological chart, which is unique to you based on the date, time, and place you were born and the positions of the planets in the sky at the time.  In a nutshell, there are 12 signs of the zodiac and 10 planets (including the sun and moon) that represent different energies and parts of yourself.  These traits combine to make you who you are.  There are infinite ways that this information can be used.  I just use the above: the energies of the zodiac signs, the planets, sun, and moon.  Now, my reliance on this information is not absolute.  I don’t structure my life around it, but I like to be aware and will notice patterns with how I’m feeling or how things unfold around different phases of the moon.  Astrology is another tool I use in my self-exploration.  Take what you like and leave the rest.  If astrology interests you and you wish to discover further, check out Cafe Astrology or Astrostyle

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