Witchcraft 101

“The first time I called myself a “witch” was the most magical moment of my life.”  – Margot Adler

From magic wands to flying broomsticks, everyone has their opinion on what they think a “witch” is.  To me, witchcraft is about using all the tools I have at my disposal to affect the change I want, whether it be an internal or external desire.  The tools may be my candles, crystals, herbs, or just myself and a pen and paper.  So, the more important question is what is witchcraft to YOU or what do you want it to be?  What works for me may not for you and what works for you may change over time anyway so do not get too comfortable.  When I started my journey, I wanted to be a good little traditional witch so I HAD to do elaborate, elegantly worded incantations with multiple tools.  Buuuuuut as time went on, that started to feel more like a chore than the magickal bonding experience with yourself that a ritual is meant to be.  I started to question if witchcraft was for me because I did not feel the way I was “supposed” to.  Then, a voice in my head said, “Try something else then, hello?!!!”  And I’ve been in exploration mode ever since.  There is no one way to witchcraft or become a witch.  I share my journey here with you in the hope that it may inspire you to listen to your intuition.  I have been inspired by other witches along my path that have helped me to find my own voice.  Finding empowerment is the best gift I have given myself and witchcraft has been my medicine.